David Downs was born in 1978 in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended a city college with a focus on photography. At age 20 he began to experiment on his own with painting in oils.

David’s paintings have covered a wide range of subject matter and style executions. His early neo-expressionistic works, photo-realistic portraits, and recent colorful abstract paintings have been exhibited in galleries in both New York City and Chicago. Many of his works have also been published in international catalogues, including the many artist books he’s authored and self-published showcasing his work among several artists from around the world.


Solo/Two Person Shows

2017 Betterday, Phoenix, AZ

2016 “Color and Light” Flatiron Arts Building, Chicago, IL

2015 “Abstracts” Mercantile M, Chicago, IL

2011 “Xacbe: Traces of the Light Beyond” Mink & Arce Gallery, Chicago, IL

2006 “Age and Decay” The Lucky Cat, New York, NY

2005 “Emily Rosen and David Downs” Dick Blick Gallery, New York, NY

Select Group Shows

2016 “Suffragate Social” Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL

2016 “Conceptualize/Realize” Marwen Institute, Chicago, IL

2016, 2015, 2014 “Marwen Art Fair” Marwen Institute, Chicago, IL

2014 “[re]claimed” Semeiotic Gallery, Chicago, IL

2011 “Artifice & Ambiguity” Mink & Arce Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010 “New American Landscape” Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL

2010 “The Evidence Against Us” Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009 “die Zeit of Drawing” Climate/Gallery, New York, NY

2009 “New Works” Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009 “Deck Deck Deck” APW Gallery, New York, NY

2009 “New Photographs” Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL

Published Works and Printed Exhibitions:

2017 Average Art Magazine, March 2017 (Averagearts)

2014 Polonium No2: NonObject (Sprocketbox Entertainment/Polonium Gallery)

2014 Polonium No1: Sentiment (Sprocketbox Entertainment/Polonium Gallery)

2012 Figure Face Identity (Sprocketbox Entertainment)

2011 International Dictionary of Artists (World Wide Books)

2010 David Paul Downs, Recent Works (Sprocketbox Entertainment)

2010 New American Landscape (Sprocketbox Entertainment)

2010 die Zeit of Drawing (Climate/Gallery)

2010 CAAP Grant