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WERKS Chicago Artist Survey 2020

WERKS Magazine is creating a book with the goal of showcasing one artwork from all active visual artists working in Chicago. The book will be made available world wide through our partnership with Amazon distribution in the form of an 8×10 full color printed paperback. Each artist selected with be given one full page for their image with space for artist and image information.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a democratic survey of artists currently working in Chicago, Illinois. Our hope is to create the most diverse record of Chicago’s artistic community. Through this collection we want to inspire the formation of new art collectives, become a resource for future curators, and to uncover new artistic trends within the city’s art making community.

Working artists from all levels are encouraged to submit, including new, emerging, established, and students (18 and older). We will accept all visual mediums intended as an expression of conceptual ideas and not as a commercial product or craft. Examples of mediums accepted include: painting, photography, sculpture (For three dimensional works you may submit two photos combined into one 8×10 photo if necessary), installation, and film (submit a film still or series of stills combined into one image). Artists should be actively participating in exhibitions, even if outside of Chicago, which includes, but is not limited to, gallery shows, museum exhibitions, public art displays, DIY exhibitions, and open studios.

Submission and participation is free! To participate, we ask that you submit one image at 300 dpi at 8×10 inches (or 2400 x 3000 px) or a high resolution photo taken at 7megapixels or greater (jpeg is the preferred format, no RAW files, please) to the provided email below. Rename the photo file with your last _ first name, for example: hockney_david.jpeg for an image from David Hockney. In the text of your email list your name, website, email (optional), neighborhood you work in (must be in Chicago or adjacent suburb) name of the artwork, size, medium, and year it was finished. See the example below of a clear submission.

Artists must be 18 and older and must be the creator/copyright owner of the artwork and provided image. If you would like to credit the photograph of your work to a photographer, provide their name in your email message. We reserve the right to refuse a submission for any reason. We are likely to refuse a submission if the information is incomplete, the image is of poor quality, the artwork could be classified as a commercial work, or the artwork is deemed purely craft. Please only include the artwork in the photograph. In some cases a person included for scale is acceptable if they do not obscure the artwork. Please, no headshots or studio shots.

Submit images and information to: werksartmagazine@gmail.com

Deadline to submit: Extended to Feb. 28, 2020

Submission example:

Here is my submission for the Chicago artist book!

David Downs

David Downs

Full Fathom, 2019
Oil on canvas stuffed with support
200 x 75 x 40 in.


Can I submit more than one image?

No. It is up to you to choose the image you want to be represented by. Unfortunately because we plan to have many artists represented in the book, we will only have room for one image.

Can I submit sound or video art?

Unfortunately, Because this book will be printed, we cannot include any sound elements in the publication. For a video, you may submit one still image from your video with a link to view the video that we can add to the text. Your single image may include various stills from the video combined into one image.

How much does it cost to submit?

Nothing, it is free. You may support us by purchasing a book when it is printed. However, you are not required to purchase a book.

Will there be a discount for artists to purchase the book?

No, unfortunately. Because we do not charge submission fees, we also cannot give discounts for printed books.

Will artists be provided with a digital copy of the book?

No. There will only be a printed version available. If a digital version becomes available it will be purchasable through iBooks or Amazon.