Since 2010 I’ve worked to self-publish books, magazines, and videos of artists from around the world under the company name Sprocketbox Publishing. In 2019 I decided to close down Sprocketbox, but will continue to publish whenever possible. Below are links to various books I’ve released as well as videos of artists working in Chicago. When new material becomes available, I will continue to list it here.

WERKS Magazine:

WERKS spring 2018: International Contemporary Art Magazine (Volume 1)WERKS: Issue 2 2019

WERKS Videos:

Cindy Bernhard

Erin Smego

David Downs


New American LandscapeFace Figure IdentitySentiment: Polonium Gallery Exhibition no. 1NONobject: Polonium Gallery Exhibition no.2Work: Polonium no.3 (Volume 3)