Why all the plants?

The plants are anything but an arbitrary visual device. A large portion of my youth to adulthood was spent next to a large forest area in the country. Friends and I built tree houses and defended territories, we explored fallen trees and mini swamps and hidden paths. Alone it was a great place for escape. Lately I’ve really needed a place like that to escape into. I often visit the lakefront of Chicago or walk around the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Naturally the plants found their way into my work, although my plants are mostly ficticeous. I prefer to create my jungly forest from imagination. I find my minds abstracted idea of foliage to be more satisfying than duplicating the look of real plants in the artificial plane of the canvas.

Published by David D.

Artist Bio David Paul Downs was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1978. He taught himself to draw at an early age, motivated by an interest in art. In college he majored in photography and fell in love with the darkroom processes of black and white photography. In the late 90's David taught himself to paint in oils, which has become his preferred medium since. Currently, David lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. His recent works move between heavily painted works on canvas to photographic transfers onto painted paper or canvas. His paintings have been exhibited in New York City and Chicago and have been published in several books, including die Zeit of Drawing (Climate/Gallery), International Dictionary of Artists (World Wide Art Books), and self-published books, New American Landscape and David Paul Downs, Recent Works (Sprocketbox Entertainment)

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